Benefits of being a member of California Women Business Owners

Gwyn Petrick with Chellie Campbell, a speaker

Gwyn Petrick with Chellie Campbell, a speaker

  • Interact with other professional women
  • Learn from established entrepreneurs the secrets to a successful business
  • Increase your wealth creating capacity through education
  • Expand your networking partners and strategic alliances
  • Find new ways to ¬†approach challenges in your business
  • New contacts to help answer your business questions
  • Validation of the issues women business owners face at work and home
  • Speakers addressing the unique issues women face (financial, professional, personal)
  • Encouragement and support to achieve your goals
  • Learn how to be a better networker, publicist, and leader

Becoming a Member

All individuals interested in the purposes and objectives of this organization shall be eligible for membership.  This includes women and men business owners, persons contemplating the formation of businesses, and self-employed individuals working independently or as representatives of a company.  Our membership is based on equal opportunity principles, without restriction as to sex, race, age, religion or national origin.

Please print, complete and submit our membership application (pdf)


Types of members:

  • Established Business Owners
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Partner
  • Self-employed
  • Individual Women contemplating business ownership
Paid annually in January
$60 Annual Membership